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All programs are offered at our Haverhill, Massachussettes location, and are taught by our friendly, experienced, Certified Personal Trainers

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Our Programs

Private Training

Private sessions are for the serious member who wants to achieve their fitness goals as quickly as they can. Singular private sessions can also be booked to touch up techniques learned in other programs.

Semi-Private Training

Get fit with a friend! This is a great program for couples or friends who want to push each other into achieving their fitness goals. Working out together also increases the chance that you’ll both stick to it.

Group Training

Group training is an excellent and affordable training option which offers camaraderie, builds friendships, and friendly competition. Join with friends or make new ones in a group training program.

Therapeutic Yoga

Understanding Yoga and it’s practices and importance, leads us to a better understanding of ourselves and helps us gain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. You’re also sure to break a sweat.

Martial Arts

Gain a respect for the combat arts that every person should experience in their life. Martial Arts are an incredibly fun and gratifying form of personal development, amplifying self confidence and self control.

Nutrition Guidance

Learn how to eat your way to success. Diet is the most important factor for effective weight loss and muscle gain. Our nutrition program offers a practical regimen that is sane enough to stick to.

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