Case Study: Spectrum Painting

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Spectrum Painting and Fine Finishes is one of the oldest paint contractors on the central coast. Their diverse portfolio of work contains everything from the humblest of churches to multi-million dollar Avila Beach homes.Spectrum Painting’s old website was professional and got the job done, but it lacked updated information and a look suited for a company of such caliber. It was also not optimized for mobile devices, meaning that Spectrum Painting was getting bumped down in Google and Yahoo search results.

01. Free Quote

People often will find any reason to put off paint work, it can be expensive, invasive, and at times feel permanent. Spectrum Painting offers free color consulting and free estimates, and we wanted to stress that throughout the website.

Almost every page on the website has a “Get a Free Quote” button strategically placed in the content, as well as the phone number, which is displayed in the navigation and other prominent areas of the website.

02. The Talent

The relationship between painter and client requires trust, closing down a home only to let a bunch of strangers in can be daunting for some people. Spectrum’s employees have all been working for the company for many years and we wanted to convey their professionalism and experience on the website.

The About page of the website features pictures of all the team members, as well as short biographies so that clients can get to know a little about the hardworking men at Spectrum Painting.

03. Easy Browsing

On the old website, photos were split up onto different pages depending on their category. This meant that there was no easy way to browse through all the photos without hitting the back button and clicking a different link multiple times.

Using tabs, we made all of the photos easily accessible by placing them all on a single portfolio page, letting the user choose what type of photos they’d like to see without ever leaving the page.

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