Case Study: Joy Kincaid

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Joy needed a professional, simple website to showcase her talent with hair, lay out her prices, and allow clients to book an appointment online

We chose WordPress and the plugin BirchPress, which not only makes it possible for clients to select their desired, date, time, and type of haircut, but populates a calendar for Joy to look at by logging in.

I also worked with Joy to deliver professional quality portraits of her clients and their fabulous new hair for use on the gallery portion of the website.

01. WordPress

I set Joy up on a WordPress website so that we could take advantage of the plugin BirchPress, which was a cheap alternative to monthly services such as MindBody. BirchPress allows clients to schedule at their preferred date and time without double-booking.

Joy is able to log into her website and view a calendar outlining all upcoming appointments, as well as create, modify, or remove appointments at the click of a button.

02. BirchPress

BirchPress allows clients to schedule a hair cut online directly from Joy’s website. After a client reserves their desired date, time, and type of cut, they are notified via email with relevent information such as Joy’s location, the date and time they selected, and links to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

Letting BirchPress handle scheduling and rescheduling allows Joy to spend more of her time with her clients and less time staring at her schedule.

03. Responsive Design

About a third of Joys traffic comes from mobile devices, so it was imperative that Joy’s website looked good and functioned properly on phones.

The phone number and “Book an Appointment” links are both prominently displayed near the top of the page, being the items people are generally looking for when they arrive at the website.

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