Case Study: CoastRiders

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CoastRiders Powersports is the largest motorcycle repair shop between San Francisco and L.A. With a website that looked like a 90’s nightmare, I worked with them to deliver something modern, easy to navigate, and as friendly as their staff. Coastriders isn’t just a motorcycle mechanic, they do work on ATV/UTVs of all makes and models, pick up crashed/stranded motorcyclists, and sell gear as well as pre-owned vehicles.

01. Rescue Crew

You’re a motorcyclist and you get stranded on highway 1, what do you do? Pull out your phone and Google “motorcycle shop near me” of course!

On the mobile version of the site the “Stranded?” tooltip to the very top of the page, ensuring its the first thing the motorcyclist in the above paragraph sees when he visits the site. Ah, what a relief!

02. Used Bikes

The most positive addition to the new website was an effective used bikes catalog and product page. Previously, the only online listings of CoastRiders vast selection of pre-owned vehicles was craigslist, with the website containing only 2 outdated listings.

No longer do potential buyers have to physically enter the store to browse used vehicles, they can now window shop from the comfort of their home, and the increased exposure leads directly to increased sales.

03. Responsive Design

About half of the traffic on the CoastRiders website comes from mobile devices, to ensure a seamless experience the website was developed mobile-first, with all content accessible on both the web and desktop versions.

The phone number and address are both prominently displayed at the top of the page, being the items people are generally looking for when they arrive at the website.

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