Case Study: Boom! Athletics

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I worked with Massachusetts based personal trainer Sean “Boom” Seaberg to help him expand his gym and his online presence.

We took his underdog, start up gym and turned it into a successful, cohesive brand.

The most notable differences were a new logo, complete website overhaul, and integration with the blogging platform WordPress and point of sale system MindBody.

01. WordPress

Boom! Athletics serves its members both while they’re at the gym and when they’re at home. In order to provide the necessary resources to his clients, Sean needed the ability to update his website himself on a day-to-day basis.

Integrated with the popular and easy to use Content Management System WordPress, he is able to post workouts for his members to do at home, as well as curate a blog about fitness, nutrition, and self-improvement.

02. MindBody

Like any small business owner, Sean played many roles in his business—Manager, Personal Trainer, Marketer, and Accountant just to name a few.

We found that Sean was spending lots of his valuable time juggling member sign ups and taking monthly payments. We integrated Mindbody into the website so that clients can sign themselves up and set up their own recurring payments, giving Sean more time to focus on building his business.

03. Responsive Design

1 out of every 3 people who visit the Boom! Athletics website are on a mobile device.

The amount of people accessing the web on mobile devices grows every year, Google will even rank your website lower in search results if you don’t have a mobile-friendly version.

Boom! Athletics Mobile features pop up-style navigation, places important links at the top of the page, and includes a big call button to encourage visitors to give Boom! Athletics a ring.

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