About Me



A passion for pixels.

My earliest memories are those where I was creating. Before I could hold a paintbrush I was finger painting with my mom, then I graduated to watercolors and beyond. I was tangentially interested in origami once, going so far as to teach the craft to my peers in an after school class – I even volunteered with a few classmates to teach origami at my cities senior center – I was 9 at the time. I can still fold a crisp paper crane.

Following that endeavor I began to dabble with digital art, which snowballed into digital design. I loved that I could use art as a tool, rather than something for my parents to stick on the fridge. And that passion has lived on for over a decade now. Each year discovering more, applying more, and working toward mastering more. The scope of my interest has increased over time, now spanning across all aspects of the web: competitive research & audits, user experience design, data analysis, social media marketing, and of course, design & development.

If you want thoughtful and passionate design, and want to work directly with someone who loves what they do, drop me a line.